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Can this be my life, tho?

Who’s driving the car?

The Spirit of Jazz and the Knowledge of Impending Racism
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it looks like i’m getting fucked
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Zodiac Capricorn….Who are they?
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There is something mystical in Capricorn, a mystery that can only be attained in the way the goat goes about his business, a treasure that can only be plucked by virtue of having Experience. The Capricorn personality is primed to have great highs and lows of fortune and to forge from these peaks and valleys a superior knowledge of just how far one can fall and from that fall how far one can ascend again after they pick up the broken pieces of themselves and begin marching forward.

The goat will not give up. Once they are locked into an objective, they’ll never say die, and that is the secret of success in life, to fail many times and yet to try, try again. Capricorn can be down for years, suffering the most black-dog, unimaginable depressions that would finish lighter types. It only makes this tough cookie deeper and more resolved. Once again it is their instinctive understanding of the continually fluctuating cycles of time; they know one day the tides will turn in their favor and they will be ready. The Capricorn personality does not make big leaps but they are always striving, making baby steps towards their goals. They know the tortoise wins the race in the end.
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Literally me to everyone
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